THANK YOU for your interest in becoming a SMART Recovery meeting host or SMART Recovery Online (SROL) volunteer! In doing so, you'll be helping others gain an understanding of the SMART Recovery program and tools by extending the reach of SMART Recovery to your local area or in our world-wide online community.

In your new role, you'll be joining the ranks of the ever-growing number of our SMART Recovery volunteers who provide a vital resource to individuals seeking help in overcoming their addictive behavior... providing them with an amazing opportunity to "Discover the Power of Choice".

Our "Get SMART FAST" (Facilitator And Support Team) Training Program and the Tier 1 training courses are designed to provide you with the needed knowledge and resources to proceed comfortably and capably in your meeting host, co-host, or in a SROL message board, chat, or online Meeting Helper volunteer role.

As you become comfortable in your new meeting host or other volunteer role, you may desire to become more involved with helping others! When that time comes, we encourage you to move forward and complete our advanced Facilitator training program course, GET SMART FAST 201. In doing so, you'll obtain a deeper knowledge and stronger understanding of the SMART Recovery program and the application of the SMART tools. You'll also gain additional meeting management skills and strengths to advance you to the advanced role of a SMART Recovery meeting Facilitator.

On behalf of the entire SMART Recovery organization, thank you for your interest in becoming a SMART Recovery volunteer! It is through YOUR individual actions and efforts which make SMART Recovery grow! In becoming a SMART Recovery volunteer, you'll not only be helping people help themselves in improving their lives and well-being but you'll also experience the deep and rewarding personal satisfaction of helping others overcome their addictive behavior. 

Are you ready to GET SMART FAST? We're thrilled to have you joining us! Click on the desired course below to get started!